The Apiary Project has been involved in many different activities with several groups, both within the University, and beyond.

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Beginners' Course - we run a 3-day intensive beginners' course each year to teach staff and students everything they need to know in order to become beekeepers and keep their own bees.

The University's Doors Open Day - providing an observation hive, where members of the public could see the bees working inside a hive, and gain more information about bees and their lives, as well as showing equipment and information about bees and beekeeping. We also have a periscope set up at the apiary which allows observation of the entrance of a hive without disturbing the bees.

EMBA Beginner's Classes - we are one of the sites used by the Edinburgh & Midlothian Beekeepers Association for the practical sessions of their Beginner's Classes. These involve hive inspections, discussion of Beekeeping and an opportunity for new beekeepers to get a hands-on experience of managing an apiary.

We have given talks and lectures on a wide variety of subjects to many different groups, including Bee Husbandry and Diseases to students studying Exotic Veterinary Medicine; Bee Ecology for MSc. courses; and Mead Making to Edinburgh Beekeepers.


We offer bee and bee related support services to the University of Edinburgh for research purposes, and have worked with researchers in The School of Veterinary Medicine and other research groups to help with their work on bees and bee diseases.